Command options

This table shows the most used command options for submitting jobs:

Submission command option


-computergroup <name>

Specifies the name of the group of shared computers.

-batchname <name>

Specifies the name of the batch.

‑priority <value>

Specifies the priority level for a job.

‑jobpath <url>

Specifies the location of the source file.

‑settingpath <url>

Specifies the location of the settings for the job.

‑locationpath <url>

Specifies the destination file URL for the job.

This table shows command options for configuring shared computers:

Submission command option


-resetBackgroundProcessing [cancelJobs]

Resets background processing and optionally cancels queued jobs.

-requiresPassword [password]

Requires a password to share this computer.


Turns off the password requirement.

-sharing <on | off>

Turns sharing of this computer on or off.

-instances <number>

Enables additional Compressor instances.

-networkInterface <bsdname>

Specifies which network interface is used. If “all” is specified as a <bsdname>, all available network interfaces are used.

-portRange <startNumber> <count>

Specifies the starting port range and the number of ports to use.