About short names and vendor IDs

To submit a package to the iTunes Store, you must have a valid short name and vendor ID. The short name identifies a content provider already approved by the iTunes Store. The vendor ID is a unique identifier for your movie supplied by the iTunes Store. These fields can be found in the iTunes Store Package inspector.

Figure. iTunes Store Package inspector.

Important: You must enter some data into the short name and vendor ID fields in order for Compressor to properly process your package. If you do not know the correct information, you can enter placeholder text.

If you use a delivery partner to submit the package to the iTunes Store, your delivery partner can edit your Compressor-generated package to add a valid vendor ID and short name. If you deliver the package to the iTunes Store yourself (acting as your own content provider), you must obtain a vendor ID and short name from the iTunes Store and include that data in your package.

To learn how to create an iTunes Store package, see Build iTunes Store packages.

To learn more about submitting packages to the iTunes Store, see About submitting to the iTunes Store.