About formats and settings

Compressor provides a variety of transcoding formats to create files playable on a variety of media platforms—Apple devices , Blu-ray discs, websites, and so on. Each of the built-in settings in the Settings pane uses a specific transcoding format compatible with industry-standard platforms.

You can see which format a setting is based on by looking at the summary information at the top of the inspector.

Inspector showing setting summary

Platform or use

Use video settings based on these formats

Use audio settings based on these formats

Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and the iTunes app

H.264 for Apple Devices

Web delivery, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo

QuickTime Movie

QuickTime Movie

Blu-ray discs

H.264 for Blu-ray

AC-3 (see Dolby Digital)

High-definition (HD) DVD


AC-3 (see Dolby Digital)

Standard-definition (SD) DVD


AC-3 (see Dolby Digital)

Audio CDs

HTTP Live Streaming


Motion graphics applications