View and modify destination properties

A destination consists of one or more settings combined with an automated job action that’s performed after transcoding. For example, if you apply the built-in Publish to Facebook destination to a source file, Compressor uses the setting to create a QuickTime movie file optimized for viewing on the web and then runs a job action that publishes the file to your Facebook account.

When you select a destination in the Settings pane, its properties are shown in the Destination inspector.

View a destination’s properties

  1. If the Settings pane or inspector pane is hidden, do the following:

    • To reveal the Settings pane, press Shift-Command-1.

    • To reveal the inspector pane, click the Inspector button in the upper-right corner of the Compressor window.

  2. Select a destination in the Settings pane.

    The Destination inspector appears (in the inspector pane on the right side of the Compressor window), displaying the destination name and description, setting properties, and job properties.

Modify a destination’s properties

  • In the Destination inspector, adjust any of the available controls, including its action property.